Dear artists.

The local television station TV - Nordsjælland was here on Tuesday to record. It was very well a good advertisement for European Art Museum.

On Saturday come a Journalist / art critic from KUNSTAVISEN (ART PAPER). A country-wide magazine only writes about art. The article I send course. You will all get all important information when there is nogt here. It's part of the deal. This is what creates interest.
Send therefore like a press release to your local newspaper. Tell you are with the European Art Museum.
When it's in the newspaper sends it to me or send it to the Facebook group European Art museum This makes all visible - Self Help.
I see continued forward to a good cooperation with you all.
Many friendly greetings Leif

European Art Museum is now open

The opening of the newly established European Art Museum in Vinderød began at City Hall, where Mayor Steen Hasselriis officially took on the visiting artists from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Norway, Romania, Sweden and Turkey.
They were obviously welcomed to Denmark and especially for Frederiksværk. Then drove all the Vinderød where the opening celebration took place along with specially invited guests.
The opening began with trombonist Henning Friis, for the occasion played the excerpt of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Perhaps it is better known as Eurovision Mars.
The anthem has no text, it expresses musically the common ideals of freedom, peace and solidarity. Then there was talk, more singing and music by Kenny Gates and Gunner Midtiby cozy relationships among the many guests and visiting artists.
A successful opening that has echoed far beyond the municipal boundary.

The first two guests entered the door Saturday came from Oslo. One of the couple's acquaintances had told she had a painting hanging on the newly established museum. It should be checked when the pair were in Copenhagen this weekend. And sure enough, here was a painting by Norwegian artist Heidi Fosli. The very next month expanded the art collection with works from Spain, France and Turkey. The new established art museum in the future be open from the first to the second Sunday every month. All days yet. 1 pm to pm. 5 pm